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 Juuyin Clan

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PostSubject: Juuyin Clan   Juuyin Clan Icon_minipostedTue Jan 15, 2008 5:13 am

40 Years Ago In Amegakure,A Medical Ninja By the name of Den Juuyin had been Studying Brain Cells and how they Preserve Memories.After only 3 Months of Studying This He Noticed A Charka Flow Through the Brain that Connected Directly to Memories,Figuring That it was possible to Delete Memories at Will Using Chakra.Testing 7 different Subjects and Asking them to Focus on a memory but at the the same time Focus on Flowing their Charkra into that memory,All 7 subjects memorys were written down and he asked them to tell him if they knew about this memory,all 7 said they can't remember a thing about that happening.Excited by his new Discovery,He Taught his Family of Shinobi how to Control The Brain Cells with their Charkra and How to Wield Katana's,by doing this he Created The Juuyin Clan Which is now currently Celebrating Its 40th Anniversary.

And now an Official Name has been Given To this Technique,Chinou Shouten:Brain Wave Manpulation.

Clan's Secret Techniques or Bloodline traits-
A Juuyin's Traits are Rather Noticeable.They Usually Have Odd Colored Hair and Sport a Green Outfit With a Large Blue Symbol as a Tattoo or an Emblem on their Outfit.
Juuyin Clan Animebluedragonsymbol

As for The Clans Friendship With the Amegakure,It is Very Strong.Den's Bond with The Former Ame Lord has Secured The Juuyin Clans Rank in The City as one of The Main Clans Which is a great achievment for Den seeing as he is Still Alive and watching over his Clan.

The Clan Jutsu's are Focused on Body Movements and The Brain.Being Able to Track a Pulse by Using Charkra to Change the Frequency of The Brain and Using Charkra to Carefully Watch an opponent through Heartbeat and Rythmic Breathing.A new Form of Non-Elemental Ninjutsu and Genjutsu has just been added seeing as some Clan Members are not Elementaly equipped.

Clan training-

-Certain Taijutsu and Katana Techniques are Taught to Those who Are skilled Enough and Can Handle It.

-Brain Wave Manipulation is Taught at a very Young age so That They can Adapt Quickly to using Brain Wave Charkra

-In some ways If a Juuyin can Tap into The Brains Chakra Perfectly They may Increase Their Own Chakra by 40-90%.

Clan Founder and Famous Shinobi from your clan-
Name-Den Juuyin
Rank-Special Medical Ninja
Founder of The Juuyin Clan,Superb Medical Ninja even in his Old Age and Katana User,Good Friend Of The Former Ame Lord.

The Wind's Breeze had Stopped as If waiting for This to Finish.The Kill To Happen.Moving her Katana With Speed,she completely Severed her opponents Head from his Body in one mere Swing,Wiping the Blade on His Body and Replacing The Katana back into The Black Sheath as If It was a Daily Thing.'I Can't Believe Someone Could do this..' Her Mind and Her eyes Staring at The head that Lay in a Bloody,Patch of Grass.
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Juuyin Clan
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