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History:This Clans village was beside the volcano village and it was found by a very strong ninja called Mao Katsu and he was the only one that was in the volcano village that had the power to change his body to fire, thats why he was one of the strongest ninjas in the world, when he got married he had a son that was able to change his body to fire like Katsu.The clan grew and eventually became a village that was beside the volcano village.When Hana was born many hundreds of years later the village had a lot of problems which made Hana and her family leave the village.When Hana was 20 she married a ninja called Yagmi Isamu which was a Taijutsu user.When Ken was born(there son) they went back to the village, when Ken was 2 years old the village was attacked by a demon that only uses fire so Yagmi Isamu and Hana used there power and sealed the demon inside Ken and died to protect the village, by that time the village was mostly destroyed and only Ken and some other people lived and they went to the volcano village and lived there.

Clan's Secret Techniques or Bloodline traits:
Full Proof:They use this to heal the person that is badly damaged at the same time the user uses 30% of his chakra inorder to do this Technique and it needs a lot of training to master it.

Full Blast:Inorder to do this they have to activate Full Fire Form.They put there hand on the ground then he will have fire all around him then he uses all the fire around him and burns all the trees and and people around him and it takes mostly all the chakra that he has.

Bloodline traits
Full Fire Form:They can make there body made of fire but at the same time they need a lot of chakra to do it.They cant use this Technique more then 5 min everyday if they use it more then 5 min then they will die and the weakness to stop this is to hit him in the heart.

Clan Founder:Mao Katsu.

Famous Shinobi:
Mao Kaede :He is the son of Katsu, he was the one who helped his father with the village and was the one who alwasy protects the village, he was one of the strongest ninjas in the world like his father but he died from a sickness he had.
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