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 Clan Flaris

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Clan History: The Clan of Flaris was made by Ugamayon Flaris who had special chakra that enabled him to make stronger BlueFire. The village was built under a Volcano where they thought their secret would be safe. They made many powerful weapons out of The Ore they found. But a few years later a terrible incident happened. The eruption of the Volcano made everyone know about the village when they had to escape the Magma. They escaped into a open plain so they could rebuild their village and allow Decades later Later, When Tammi was nearing 11 years of age, Conflict between her Village and a Neighbouring Village began. The other Village Was an Enemy of Flaris and they where determened to Wipe The secret town out. The figthting started shortly after and Ninja where sent to and from the two villages. Many people escaped before the major fighting began and the stronger ninja started to appear. Many Ninja and Ugamayon Flaris stayed to fight but they all died from the Strong enemy Ninja. Families went to Nearby Villages Like Kasai or Konoha to rebuild their lives after they had escaped and hoped that they would not be hunted down.


Secret Techniques:
-BlueFire: The BlueFire is a special kind of Fire that uses the Clans special Sapphire Chakra. The normal fire chakra has the Sapphire chakra poured into it so the Flame is blue not red. The BlueFire is much stronger than normal RedFire, is not affected by level 1 water Jutsu and burns longer than normal flame.

-Orogin of the BlueFire: Ugamayon Flaris Was simply someone who was special. When she was a kid everyone teased her when they practised Fire jutsu and She made BlueFire instead of RedFire. She was left alone as a kid and teased alot through her childhood. Her whole life went like this untill she finnaly left the village when he was 24. He met her future husband, Tayagomak, while she searched for a new home. They both had the same chakra to make BlueFire and they loved eachother ever since. They got married and started to build up a village with some friends that they did have and made the Clan of Flaris with BlueFire.

Bloodline trait: BlueFire

Bloodline Limit: Bluefire, Earth & Magma


Clan Traits:
-Trouble to make ordinary Redfire


Clan training:

-BlueFire Training: Teaching young students how to use their Shappiric Chakra and make BlueFire.

-Earth Training: Teaching Young students how to use the Earth Element for later on.

-Chakra Training: For special Students that are stronger than ordinary and top of their class. this training teaches them how to make more powerful attacks with both BlueFire and Earth to make Magma.

-Magma Training: Teaching exeptional students how to Mold Both earth chakra and BlueFire chakra together to make magma attacks.


Clan Founder:
-Ugamayon Flaris [Female]

Famous Shinobi:
-Rameliska Flaris: Rameliska Flaris Is the younger brother of Ugamayon Flaris and escaped with a group of people going to Kasai. he lives in Kasai, in an old house near the Volcano and serves as the gatherer of the Rememants. Tammi sometimes comes to Him when she has found a Member of her clan. They are not related but Her Mother stays with Him and he is like a father to her.
-Blair Allana [Deceased]
-Yaragamish Tellaragmi
-Hallesima [Deceased]
-Sternis Argan
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Clan Flaris
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